October 18, 2012 in London, Olympics

Mass Movement

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One of the main people responsible for getting the London 2012 Ceremonies Volunteer Performers whipped into shape was choreographer, Nathan Wright who has worked extensively in musical theatre, films and large scale events including quite a few other Olympic events. And a few weeks ago, Nathan sat down with fellow Mechanical Vivienne Lee on Meridian Radio to talk about his inspiration to become a choreographer, involvement with the Olympics, favourite songs and plans for the future.

Interestingly, one of the projects that Nathan is now working is with another London of the 2012 Mass Movement Choreographers. Basically, they started a dance group and invited all the Ceremonies Volunteer Performers to join. Initially they offered three classes on Sundays but it has gotten so popular, they are now offering weekday classes. So have I joined? No. Why not? Well, I was sick with that terrible cold/flu when the classes started in September and so now that weeks have gone by, thinking I’d be too far behind. Plus, truth be told, I’m like a bear and just want to hiberate now that winter is upon us. Not ideal since I can’t afford to gain any weight. In fact, I need to loose some. So perhaps I better get moving. Hmmm.

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