December 30, 2004 in Current Events

Mass Graves

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So when I’m not watching all the crazy movies I’ve rented, my eyes have been glued to CNN (and even FOX) to get the latest news re the tsunami situation. It all seems so unreal — particularly as the number of people who died continues to climb. Even with the pictures of hundreds of bodies lined up, 80,000 just seems like a totally unreal number. It is all so upsetting. Yet I can’t draw myself away because I’m getting angry at how the bodies are being treated. I know I shouldn’t judge, because I’m not there and don’t fully understand the situation, but it all seem so irreverent. To be buried in those mass graves without first being identified tears at my heart. It makes those peoples lives seem worthless. Plus what about the peoples families and their need for closure? It all just makes me want to scream. I know the local officials are doing it in an effort to prevent the spread of disease but it’s all just making me mad. The dead should be treated with a little bit more respect than that. But hey, what do I know. I’m not there. Goodness! It’s all so tragic.

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