April 29, 2003 in Family

Marriage # 2

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My younger sister who I raised after our Mom died, got married on March 24th. She finally told me today. A full month later. After helping her pick up the pieces after her first failed marriage, I was sure she would be more cautious before agreeing to get married again. At 21, she has a young daughter and is trying to finish college. I even told her that when she finally met her soul mate and she agreed to get married, I would help her (meaning pay) for a proper wedding. I was hoping that would be years in the future. But no, after 6 months of knowing this guy, she’s run off again to City Hall and gotten married. So I sit here feeling like a failed parent. Every piece of advice I’ve given her, she’s ignored…yet she constantly seeks my approval. For her sake, I hope it works out. I’m suddenly feeling really tired.
[Update 9:10pm]: I email our older sister to tell her what I’ve uncovered (talking about it is too upsetting) and she wrote back:

“She is such an idiot going through with it. Good luck to her. All the lies and the deliberate things she forgets to tell us will eventually catch up with her again. I hope she doesn’t need anyone to rescue her from this situation. . . “

My (our) younger sister is not a bad person. She just makes poor choices. Unfortunately, other people (mostly me) have to come in and clean up the mess. So promising myself now, that I’m staying out of it. The last go around was just too exhausting.

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