April 11, 2003 in Dating

Lunch with the Ex-boyfriend

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I had lunch with my most recent ex-boyfriend yesterday. I didn’t really want to, but he was in town visiting from Colorado and after three voice mails, I finally called him and agreed to meet for lunch. His behavior yesterday further confirms why he is the ex. He was 30 minutes late after insisting that I meet him promptly at 11:30am. Then he claimed he wasn’t hungry so I had to eat with him watching me. Plus he didn’t even offer to pay for my lunch. Sure I can pay for it myself, but when someone invites you to lunch, they should at least offer. Also, what is the point of inviting someone to lunch if you’re not going to eat? Why not say, let’s just meet for coffee. I was so agitated by his behavior that I couldn’t wait to leave. Thank goodness I didn’t agree to meet for dinner.

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