August 8, 2011 in London

London Riots

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What I didn’t mention in the Brixton Splash post is that late last night after the festival ended, there was rioting and looting in Brixton. Can’t say I’m all that surprised as there were lots of people drinking in the streets of Brixton when I left. So I’m sure it gave the criminal element in the neighbourhood a reason to come out and mingle amongst the festival goers with a view to causing disturbance late into the evening.

Now today there are further skirmishes in Peckham and Lewisham which is getting a bit too close for comfort. Meaning when it was in North London, I was concerned, but hey, what could I do. Now as the violence, looting and rioting has moved to South London am getting nervous as I live in the centre of Bromley.

Granted it’s still some distance away and the demographics of my neighbourhood is quite different from the other affected areas, one can never really tell. No longer is this about seeking answers to Mark Duggan’s death but more so an organisation by criminals to cause mayhem and thievery.

It is complete anarchy and the police just don’t seem to be able to bring things under control. The end result is that the violence is spreading. And oh yeah, the Mayor of London is on holiday. Apparently he is coming back tomorrow but he is only doing so after mounting pressure. Either way, the situation is deeply worrying as no longer is this just the Tottenham riots but the London riots.

Things are out of control. There are not enough police on the streets to restore and maintain law and order! I say its time to bring in the military to aid in taking back the city.

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