August 30, 2012 in Olympics

London 2012 Paralympics: Opening Ceremony

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I am beyond spoilt with all the London 2012 events I’ve participated in or attended. Last night was the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics. Once again I repeated my role as Audience Leader. That meant at various stages throughout the show, I was interacting with the audience this time in Section 244 getting them to dance or do various other cues to bring about further engagement with the show.

I’ll be honest and say that this show didn’t have the intensity for me as the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics which was much more theatrical but it was beyond amazing nonetheless. Heck, it was rather high brow and so even after watching much of it live three times, I’m going to have to sit down and watch the broadcast. There is still so much to be unravelled and understood. Titled Enlightenment, the show was about celebrating the empowering possibilities of ideas, science and creativity with a view to us realising our full potential in spite of any disabilities.

The highlight of the experience leading up to this ceremony was being the pretend flag bearer for Montenegro during one of our rehearsals. I have no affiliation with Montenegro but there is just something about walking out into the Olympic Stadium (which was completely empty except for other cast members) and walking around the track proudly waiving the flag. Its one of the highest honours for any athlete and so if it was possible would like to go back in time and train for an Olympic sport — perhaps the heptathlon. I know, quite difficult considering that you have to master so many different track and field events, but hey I’d be up for the challenge.

Anyway, as that is not to be, I’ll just have to revel in the experience of being a volunteer performer for the London 2012 ceremonies. Every time I think about what’s transpired since those auditions last fall, I get goosebumps. The experience is really just out of this world and more than I could have ever imagined. Beyond participating in the events is all the new friendships with fellow volunteers. We’ve formed a strong bond and will stay connected through the Facebook groups that have been set up.

Note: For more pictures taken throughout the ceremony, you can view my Facebook album titled: London 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony. Enjoy!

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