August 31, 2012 in London, Olympics

London 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony: Interesting Facts

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Here are some interesting facts about the London 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony:

62,000 apples for the audience to crunch
18,000 LED lights in the performers’ hat brims
4,200 athletes invited
3,250 volunteer cast members
442 people in the singing and signing choir
260 whirling dancers
165 nations taking part — the largest number in Paralympic history
150 volunteer readers
106 rehearsals at two east London sites
85 average hours each volunteer rehearsed for
80 age of oldest cast member
75 child volunteers
73 deaf and disabled performers
68 disabled volunteers
50 seagull books
45 inflatable apples
23 sway poles — the largest number ever used together in one performance
17 metres long — the length of the inflatable whale
13 metres tall — the height of the Alison Lapper statue reproduction
10 youngest cast member
3 sets of shoes each swaypole performer wore out in rehearsals

Additional information about the ceremony can be gleamed from the media guide for the event.

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