September 26, 2012 in London, Olympics

London 2012 Olympic Games DVD

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Next month BBC Worldwide will release a DVD of the London 2012 Olympic Games and it will include all the footage of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in addition to previously unseen footage from the event as selected by Artistic Director Danny Boyle. I am beyond excited by this release and hope that it will contain some behind the scene footage like that seen below featuring the amazing Pandemonium Drummers during rehearsals.

I should note that one of the conditions for being a Volunteer Performer during the London 2012 Ceremonies was that we couldn’t take photos and video and we were forbidden from blogging or discussing the experience via social media. This was all in an effort to #savethesurprise; also not to fall fowl of the Olympic copyright rules. As such I totally complied with the ban on social media but must admit that it was difficult not to take pictures. And as you’ve seen from my Facebook albums for the ceremonies, I snuck in a few pictures during the rehearsals. Of course, none of my photos were posted online before the ceremonies; only after.

Anyway, most of the other volunteers took photos as well and we’ve been sharing them within our Facebook groups. But a picture here or there in no way compares to all the images and video taken throughout the whole process by the London 2012 Ceremonies team. And one bit of memento I’d like to get my hands on is a photo or video of me being standin flag bearer for TEAM USA. Heck, I’d give naming rights to my first born for this as its this kind of behind the scene content that I’d love to have for my memory box. So hopefully some of it (maybe not the video of be being standin flag bearer) will appear in the BBC video.

P.S. For a view of what the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony looked liked from a performers viewpoint, click on this video link hosted at Gizmodo. The original video was hosted on YouTube was pulled after the IOC claimed copyright infringement.

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