July 20, 2015 in Health

Little Monsters

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I got close to signing up for a dating website, but I’ve decided to hold off.

Truthfully, while my hormones are raging, now is not a good time to get in a relationship.

Why exactly?   Well at the end of the month, I’ll be having a procedure to remove my fibroids.  I have been delaying for years, but I can’t put it off anymore.

Not to be vulgar but my periods are rather heavy and at times like the river nile.

As a result,  I am always borderline anemic.  This leaves me feeling continually tired and exhausted.

I barely have enough energy for work never mind socialising and exercise.

One week I have tons of energy and out am out every day.  Then the following week, I can barely get out of bed.

Beyond this, my stomach is protruding and I can hardly fit any of my clothes.  Heck, I look pregnant. Really pregnant.  This is most distressing.

I don’t recognise the person steering back at me in the period.   So I’ve decided to take charge of the situation and get these suckers out.

I’m so scared but I have to get rid of these little monsters that have taken over my life and really have me operating at about 50% which is totally less than ideal.

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