April 13, 2003 in Dating

Lies & Broken Promises

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My nose is so stuffed up that I didn’t go to Church today Palm Sunday. So I spent most of morning in bed watching the news. Was pleased to see/hear about the 7 POWs being rescued. But I got tired of the war coverage (there’s really only so much you can take), I started channel surfing. I ended up watching Waiting to Exhale movie. I know most men think it’s a man bashing movie, but I enjoyed watching the movie again — even if it made me cry — as I can relate to the experiences of the main characters. Most of women at one point had a relationship with a married man. I’m ashamed to admit (but I will), I did too about 4 years ago. When I initially met him, I didn’t know he was married. During the time we were getting to know each other, I asked a lot of questions about himself and his family, but at no time did he mention his wife and his 2 daughters. I even said things like, “I’m surprised that someone like you is still single,” but he never corrected me. Later when he confessed, I was angry but I didn’t end the relationship. I was so emotionally involved that I hung on for a few more months. Plus he claimed they were separated and getting a divorce. Thankfully, his job required him to move to San Diego and so things fizzled. But I still continue to hear from him — even as recently as two months ago. But I want no part. He’s still married – he claims for the sake of the children – whatever!!! I can’t believe how foolish I was put my faith in a man who would deny the existence of his family. Having watched my mom deal with a similar situation, I should have known better. More importantly, I should have ended the relationship as soon as he told me the truth. Oh well. Lesson learnt. I’ll never do that again. I’d rather be single and alone than compromise my integrity that way again.


  1. April 14, 2003 at 9:00 am


    LMAO. Yup I’m straight in more ways than one!

  2. April 13, 2003 at 9:53 pm


    Someone was looking out for you. It sounds like circumstances helped make the right choice. Relationships are difficult enough without lies. Keep looking; sounds like you have your head on straight. Did I say “straight?” 🙂

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