August 16, 2003 in Entertainment

Le Divorce

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Last night I saw Le Divorce. It was neither good nor bad. Just sort of middle of the road. Below is description from

Isabel (Kate Hudson), an American film-school dropout, heads to Paris to help her eight-months-pregnant stepsister, Roxy (Naomi Watts), whose adulterous French husband (Melvil Poupaud) has left her. Roxy may face divorce and single motherhood, but the two siblings hit the social scene, and eventually Isabel finds herself in the arms of a 70-year-old man … a French diplomat who also happens to be related to Roxy’s cheating hubby.

The chemistry between the sisters and everyone else for that matter was a bit off. Plus while there were a few laughs particularly when the Americans made fun of the French and vice versa, this fell short of being a romantic comedy. But, one subplot of the movie that I did like dealt with a large oil painting of Saint Ursula, the patron of young girls. Once it was discovered that it was painted by a famous painter (Georges de La Tour) it was interesting to see how the families went to war to maintain or get possession of the painting. I wouldn’t exactly recommend that anyone go see this movie, but if you do, go to the matinee. It’s not worth $9.25 which is what I paid.

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  1. March 15, 2004 at 6:26 pm


    I enjoyed the movie not so much for the subtitles but i loved the book theres so much more gossip and detail that is over passed in the movie.

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