April 25, 2003 in Entertainment

Laurel Canyon

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I went to movies last night to see Laurel Canyon. Plot revolves around Sam (Christian Bale), and his fiancé, Alex (Kate Beckinsale), both uptight Harvard medical school graduates, who return to Laurel Canyon area in Los Angeles where Sam can finish his residency in psychiatry. There, they live with Jane (Frances McDormand) who is Sam’s mom. She wasn’t supposed to actually be at the house, but a record she was producing got delayed and she gave her other house to an ex-boyfriend (tough life). What follows is the unraveling of each character. Sam falls for a beautiful second year residency student but resist the urge to deflower her. Alex becomes attracted to Jane’s rocker boyfriend and almost has sex with the two of them. Talk about no boundaries. It was really hard to root for any of the characters as they seem totally self absorbed and uncaring. Plus the movie ends just went it appears that the characters are about to have a breakthrough. So to me at least, the story seems unfinished. Not that I wanted to see a more hollywood ending. I guess as with most things I’ve read or seen lately, I walk away wondering what the heck happens to these people. So maybe in that sense the film was successful in achieving its goal.

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  1. April 27, 2003 at 11:05 am


    That movie sounds really interesting – if it ever comes to Rockford, I’ll have to check it out.
    And hooray for random personal days. I’m thinking about taking one soon myself.

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