September 12, 2012 in London, Olympics

Last Hurrah

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Towards the end of the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, I felt a soar throat coming on. Was most annoyed as I really had planned to stay out all night for the after party. But sensing that my body was calling for rest, I went home. However, the next day, I dragged myself to the Greatest Team Parade for Team GB and Paralympics GB. It would be the last hurrah for London 2012 and so I wanted/needed to be there. Particularly as I’d gotten a ticket to be in The Mall with the other volunteers. Thankfully, it was a glorious day and everyone was in high spirits.

Thus, when I saw double Olympic Gold Medal winner Mo Farrah pictured above along with all the other amazing athletes after the near 3 hour wait, there was much screaming and shoutings. It was all so much fun. Heck, after it was all over, I went to Trafalgar Square to try and find some of the other Mechanicals/Audience Leaders who hadn’t gotten tickets to be in The Mall and totally lucked out. As not only were they there, but also some of the Olympic Opening Ceremony Pandemonium Drummers were also there and so we went around and around Trafalgar in a bit of a conga line until security asked us to leave. Arrhh, the memories.

That said, here is some video of the Pandemonium Drummers from The Mall.

Also for more picture of the parade, you can check out my Facebook album London 2012: Parade for Team GB & ParalympicsGB.

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