June 12, 2004 in Work

Las Vegas: Day Two

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I woke up feeling refreshed and so getting through the morning meeting wasn’t so bad. One of the things we learnt at meeting is that all employees would be getting an additional week of vacation. Yippee! I now have three weeks of vacation.
Around 12noon the meeting ended and so we were on our own. A group of us decided to go shopping at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets mall. After that, we headed back to the main strip, and I headed over to Harrah’s Casino to see if I could cash a $100 coupon they had sent me. Sure enough, they did even though I wasn’t staying in their casino. With the $100, I decided to try my luck at the slot machines — but after loosing and winning $5 in the nickel slots, I decided I’d just rather walk away. I’m not really a big gambler and I’d just rather do something else with the money.
So I walked up and down the strip checking out the various tacky stores, before heading back to Harrah’s to see Clint Holmes. I’d never heard of the guy before, but in that tickets were also complimentary — thanks to my Best Guy Friend playing on my Harrah’s card many many months ago, I decided why not. Not to be disappointed, he gave a great show. Clint has an amazing voice and I could see why he was voted the best singer in Las Vegas.
In that my time in Vegas was coming to an end, I headed back to the Venetian Hotel and did a bit of window shopping at the Grand Canal Shoppes. Then around 10pm I left for the airport as I was on the midnight flight back to Chicago with warm memories and the thought that the next time I came back, I wanted Racquetball Guy to be with me. Even if you’re a non gambler like myself, it’s a great place for adults to have fun and as much as it’s nice to hang out with coworkers or even friends, it’s the sort of place that would be a lot more fun with your significant other.

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  1. June 15, 2004 at 3:40 pm


    clint holmes. haven’t heard that name in minute. i think he use to be a correspondent on et or something. nice looking guy.
    it’s very easy for non-gamblers to have fun las vegas. one of the many reasons why i wouldn’t mind moving to the area.

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