August 2, 2003 in Work

La La Bamba

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Last night I attended yet another sent off for a coworker who was leaving the organization. The meeting place was Rivers which has a huge outdoor deck overlooking the Chicago river. As a group of us were sitting outside chatting, rain started to come down really hard which required us to move the tables inward in an effort to avoid getting wet. Lightening even struck a few times. At one point, the gal who was leaving turned to me and asked: “are you going to blog this?” I started laughing after saying, “maybe, maybe not.” This woman who was actually born on the same month, same day, and same year as me had seen the Chicago Tribune article. Besides her, no one else at work had mentioned the article to me and I didn’t bring it to their attention. So it was kind of funny trying to talk to her about it, without involving others who I really didn’t want to know about my weblog. All in all, I had a really good time at Rivers. It always good to bond with coworkers outside the office as well as catch up with those who have moved on. At one point the conversation turned to marriage and everyone sitting at my table (about 6 people) was engaged except for me. One other guy wasn’t engaged but he recently called off an engagement. Somehow I felt like I missed an important memo. Oh well!! After one too many glasses of chardonnay I decided to go home but changed my mind after hearing that some were going to dinner at LaLo’s on LaSalle Street, the former home of Michael Jordan’s Restaurant. I’d seen this restaurant many many times as I pass it on my way to work in the morning, but I’ve never been there, so I thought why not? My chicken faquitas dinner along with virgin margarita were really good but I bolted out of there shortly after the Mariachis serenaded our table with La Bamba. Those drinks from earlier were started to catch up with me; goodness — I am such a lightweight. Thus after taking a taxi home, I was soundly in bed singing La La Bamba over and over again in my head by 10:3pm when I knew some of my coworkers had possibility moved on to a piano bar.

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    Hi, Ursula. Thanks for dropping by. Glad to read you had a blast 🙂

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