June 1, 2008 in Miscellaneous, Money Matters, Work


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Frustrations with corporate life sometimes has me secretly thinking about starting my own business. Yet I have not taken the leap to become an entrepreneur, as despite the challenges, there are lots of benefits working for a large organisation — not least of which is the steady pay check.
However, for some people in other parts of the world, starting a business isn’t about getting away from corporate drama or even fulfilling some life goal, it is a matter of survival. That is why I have finally taken the plunge to become a loaner at Kiva.org.
I became aware of this micro financing opportunity a few years ago via Andrew and after reading his latest post summarising his experience so far, I decided that while for now I will continue daydreaming about starting my own business, I would help someone else less fortunate make their dream become a reality.

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