June 10, 2008 in Choo-Choo

Kitt-In Box

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A possible contender for Choo-Choo’s next birthday: Kitt-In Box.
Kitt-In Box.jpg
We love our cats… and they seem to love walking across our keyboards! You can’t blame them, they just want to be near us. With the Kitt-In Box, cats have a place to rest that’s out of the way, but still an arm length’s away from a scratch on the belly.
The Kitt-In Box can attach to the side of a desk or be placed on top it. Felt pads protect the desk top. Cats are drawn to the soft cushion and the high walls, which are perfect for nesting. The Kitt-In Box can support a 20 lbs cat and even small dogs!
Introductory Price: $49.99
Discovered via Enterprise Nation.

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