February 7, 2006 in Chicago

Keep It Fields

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I think it would be a real shame if Macy’s who recently purchased Marshall Fields were to go through with plan to phase out this strong regional brand name. For goodness sake, the original store on Chicago’s State Street has been serving customers since 1852. As such, I have signed the online petition emailed to my by a friend asking Macy’s to keep the Marshall Field’s name. Hopefully, a few of you out there who also have fond memories of shopping at this landmark store will also do the same.


  1. February 13, 2006 at 3:28 am


    I’m not from Chi nor have I ever been in a Marshal Fields, but that company destroys all. They purchased 2 local stores here that had been in business for approx. 100 years from the owning families and completely desimated them. If you’ve ever seen the movies “Mannequin” or “12 Monkey’s” you’ve seen Wannamaker’s. It was gorgeous. Today, it has all the charm of K-Mart.

  2. February 10, 2006 at 5:16 pm


    I love Targee, but putting a Target where Filene’s use to be in downtown Boston would be just tragic.

  3. February 10, 2006 at 5:08 pm


    From Heather:
    Macy’s is already empting out Filene’s in Downtown Crossing, Boston.
    They’re planning on selling the property and rumor has it that they’re
    putting a Target in it’s place. I’m sure Christmas will be extra
    special….going into downtown to see the lights and cruising by the
    windows to see the Target Christmas display…..
    Heather’s Blog:

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