June 17, 2003 in Current Events

Jailhouse Mock

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Martha Stewart’s fall from grace makes me sad. While I think she might actually be guilty of the charges, there are others who have done more egregious things that are not being prosecuted. As my friend Leigh pointed out earlier this month, she is being “singled out for selective prosecution of what is, at best, a minor infraction that should normally be handled by a fine.” Plus, what happen to all those crooks from Enron & WorldCom? While I’m sure Martha is a demanding diva, you’ve got to give proper props to a woman who marketed her name into a billion dollar brand. So even if she has to serve a little time, I’m sure she’s rise again.

Chicago Tribune Red Eye: Tuesday, June 17th, 2003.
Martha Stewart’s indictment led to jokes like: Wonder what the decorating diva’s going to do with her jail cell?
Within a day after she was served her court papers last week, a contest was under way to help Martha decorated her potential new digs. Worth1000.com, Photoshop contest Web site, supplied the basic jail cell image and asked for entrants to decorate it “in a way that would be suitable for the green of gracious living.”
Entries were posted with names such as “Doing time in style,” “Home Sweet Cell” and “Pretty in Stripes,” which included Martha in a matching striped suit and hat.
RedEye’s favorite is a mock-up of a Martha Stewart Living magazine cover featuring article topics such as “Special Linens for Cot-sized Beds” and “The Zen of Concrete.”
Check out all 27 entries at http://www.worth1000.com under Martha’s New Digs.

Ok, so some of the designs are kind of funny, but I’m thinking Martha will have the last laugh.

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