July 30, 2006 in Dating

IT Guy: Date Two

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Almost seven months after the first date, I went on a second date with IT Guy. We had spoken a few times this year and so agreed to a second date. I just needed to make sure that I wasn’t being foolish by not wanting to take things further.
I insisted on a lunch date as if the situation wasn’t going well, I wanted an exit that wouldn’t be uncomfortable to both. And thank goodness, I insisted on that. He was quite pleasant and personable, but 10 minutes into lunch, I just knew that my original instincts were right.
Why you ask? Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t particularly attracted to him. Now considering that I’ve been rejected in the past for superficial reasons, I’m not one to discount someone for looks alone. I’ve said time and time again, that my only physical requirement is that the guy be tall and even that usually gets thrown out the window if the guy is honest, sincere, intelligent, hardworking, personable, and has things going on in life.
That said, I’ve suddenly developed an obsession with teeth and if a person has bad teeth, then it’s a no go. A gap between the teeth like I had for many years is totally acceptable. However, if they are crocked, majorly discolored and simply missing, that is a no go. Dental work is expensive but if you can afford to buy an apartment in London or go on fancy vacations, you sure as hell should be able to afford to take care of your teeth. Goodness man, just get them cleaned.
Beyond that, he also had me running when not more than 20 minutes into the conversation; he asked me where I wanted to raise my kids. Hello, it’s only a second date! I don’t know, maybe, I over reacted, but thinking it’s a bit early to be talking about such matters.
So single I remain. And in all honestly, I’m totally comfortable with that. Yes, I’d like a boyfriend who would eventually become my husband and father of my children but I’m not willing to settle not with someone who has displayed stalker qualities. I mean, if you call someone not once, but seven times and they don’t return your calls, wouldn’t that be a major hint that they are not interested? Goodness man!

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  1. July 31, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Ursula's Not So Secret History

    Blue Screen

    In the middle of the house search, my home laptop computer gave me a blue screen. I have yet to figure out how to retrieve my personal files. I almost wish I hadn’t deleted IT Guy’s number from my mobile….

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