April 26, 2003 in Iraq War

Iraq War Trophies

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Finding it difficult to comprehend the actions of some US military personnel and journalist. It appears that a few are trying to leave Iraq with “war trophies.” Now why would they want to bring shame to themselves and the organizations they represent? I say throw the book at these idiots.

Excerpt from Newsday article: WASHINGTON — Members of the news media and U.S. soldiers are being investigated for taking art, artifacts, weapons and cash from Iraq, with criminal charges already brought in one case, federal officials said Wednesday.
At least 15 paintings, gold-plated firearms, ornamental knives, Iraqi government bonds and other items have been seized at airports in Washington, Boston and London in the last week, according to the bureaus of Customs and Border Protection and of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
None of the items displayed at a news conference were priceless antiquities looted from Iraqi museums. Still, Customs and military officials stressed there will be no tolerance for American service personnel or civilians bringing Iraqi souvenirs or war trophies back to the United States.
“This is theft,” said Jayson Ahern, a senior field operations official at the Customs and Border Protection bureau. “We are there to liberate. This must cease.”
So far, only Benjamin James Johnson, who worked as an engineer for Fox News Channel, has been charged. But officials said more charges could be brought and more seizures of stolen items are expected in what is being dubbed “Operation Iraqi Heritage.”
“This activity is clearly illegal,” said Michael T. Dougherty, operations director at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau.

Link uncovered via Oliver Willis.


  1. June 19, 2004 at 5:58 pm


    “The idea is that when two nations fight a war, the tools and instruments of war can be captured and taken and kept by the opposing force – but that’s all that can be taken,” said Cord.
    Among contraband items:
    Personal effects of enemy fighters or prisoners. U.S. troops returning with such items could face larceny charges under military law, along with international, federal and state laws and general orders.
    Weapons, pieces of weapons and ordnance, according to Lt. Col. Thomas G. Scully, the staff judge advocate for the 1st Marine Division rear element.
    Marines were briefed prior to deployment on what souvenirs were appropriate, said Scully.
    Bush could be charged for taking Sadam’s pistol.

  2. June 19, 2004 at 5:53 pm


    Theft is theft. Watch lawrence of arabia.

  3. June 8, 2004 at 4:32 pm


    When you kill a man who was trying to kill you, what he carried becomes yours. Thats a souvenir. That’s what a war tropy is. You took his life, taking more from him doesn’t matter. What would you know about war?

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