1. January 10, 2004 at 2:18 am


    Well, Fred , Leigh and Ursula all very good questions!! ..now you have a better idea of the costs, don’t you….and also that the whole invasion rational was a lie from beginning to end.It’s no longer a secret, no longer arguable in fact yet no one cares it seems everyone just trundles on. New story “well you didn’t want Hussein left in power did you”…oh so boring you whitehouse nit wits…can’t you ever tell the truth about ANYTHING…including “planes landing in the whitehouse”
    The “great success” was one of the worlds most effective fighters and without peer as a group..the Australian and British SAS and thousands of other various troopers invading a starved and already whipped country using high tech WMD’s after Hussein offered to go to save the country by walking away into exile.
    USA refused his offer to save Iraq….why??…because the whole US story about the reasons behind the essentiality of invading Iraq was just a load of homicidal meglomaniacal psychotic crap.
    It has now been admitted..not those words of course.. after the US has been caught out.Now let’s her about why Poland and the rest joined in Austrlaia was for trade (let down) Poland to not be exposed over weapons supplies Italy ? Britain? etc..one can only say that of them all Blair looks as though his conscience is severly worrying him. The rest don’t care about the “certainly as innocent as anyone in the trade towers” blood gore brains and viscera of men women children and babies being splattered over walls floors and desert.None of these people had a thing to do with the murders in “911”. Not a thing. Completely innocent. This is one of the greatest war crimes of modern history. When the truth emerges about 1991…it will still not eclipse the crime of 2003. This is a job for the haige..oh but USA doesn’t accept anyone else’s far better qualified and impartial recognition of war crimes does it..sorry their level is locking prisoners in airtight shipping containers in the Afghan desert, pouring fuel into cellars (possibly housing terrified men women and children) and setting it alight, approving and permitting Hussein to attack the Iranians with helicopter gunships at the end of ‘1991’ and Afghanis with US supplied weapons and chemicals. Their mentality level of “justice” is the Guantanamo Bay hell house. “Heinous War crimes galore” if an Iraqi did it to the US!! but when the US does it oh well..suddenly its a different story.
    Nothing of the horrors Hussein did warranted this method of resolution and it could have all been halted prior to 1991 except that the US administration wanted him to carry on…knowing his style and giving him the means.
    The UN had stated, whilst the US admin. lied cajoled bullied and threatened and bribed everyone it could (sic) that “nothing in the sanctions justifies any invasion and much of it is irrelevant anyway”; but to teach Saudi (the 911 offender and ‘retirement plan deal doer’) and Iran and the rest of us “a lesson” off went the bully boy effort using vastly overwhelming materiel to perform completely unjustified genoicide (third attempt in Iraq) in what is called “the greatest victory in modern warfare.”
    Clearly the man who calls nuclear “nucular” can’t read military history back past March 2003.I realise he is only a dummy but why prove it daily.??
    I know US soldiers obeyed commands as they must and some were proud to be in Iraq but then the US still mocks the nazis who said “I obeyed orders” and was proud to be there” when committing genoicide.The unfortunate result of brainwashed patriotism is a lack of integrity. Hold a minute..the moment I saw the opening of the “saving of Jessica” I realised the whole do up was a fake. She at least had the integrity to come out and blow the whistle, Pity the marines didn’t have the same integrity..but then that’s the price to the world of military solidarity from USA to Bosnia.Beating the living b’jesus out of someone weaker or blowing them apart in quantity isn’t the mark of a good military command…is it??
    So fellers …keep paying for the mess you made when no mess was necessary, if you don’t like it then start electing presidents who have an intellect and empathy and go through the background foreign policy loonies who think it has to be “USA all the way” and root them out.
    Start a decent justice system in your own country, one of the worst justice systems on earth, before worrying about everyone else’s and learn how to go open minded and open hearted to peoples whose anger against injustice and inequity and abuse drives them to “terroism”…a perfectly natural reaction to grinding people down. The USA specialises in it. Forget the modern US inspired genoicides like Chilli and Kissinger Vietnam etc..look at 1854 just as one event of many even back then ..that might tell you why you received retaliation at Pearl Bay nearly a hundred years later. Look at the fact that the USA still projects the lie that the Civil War was “to set the slaves free”. The lie that Christians base-founded USA, the lies to and about and the massacres of untold thousands of innocent “redskin” indians. and so on and on Psychopathic liars from “day 1”?? Yes I reckon. Britain has been much the same but the USA takes the cake for the head count from chronic administrative violence and deceit amongst ‘First world countries’.
    In Iraq though, going back, thank God the SAS were this time taken away from any repeat of the incompetent US style command of 1991…nevertheless Allied soldiers as well as innocent Iraquis were again killed, this time also by amphetamined airmen who can’t identify a target any more unless it makes some electronic response.
    Numerous newsmen opposed to the invasion as well as for it were killed without any possible reason for it other than deliberate act in some cases. For some it is all to much to contemplate and they dismiss these ideas but start looking with less mentally stullifying “patriotism” and the truth might start to emerge to those who want to see truth more than anything.
    You are worried about US dollars…stuff your money..the cost to the worlds ordinary non US citizens will be continuing US generated paranoia,continuing airport fiascos with daily challenges to “terrorists” to beat the system, continuingly completely incompetent foreign affairs regimes eg “why would someone do this to our beautiful country”…(aw gee why not just ask someone, dope!!) and the “road map to peace” just as two topical ones.
    You have a shonkily elected president (via Florida frauds and judicial sanctioning of it) , with distinct petroleum interests and with no concept of a peaceful and just world other than “US in control” which we out here will not accept lying down irrespective of the pathetic tail wagging of our “leaders”!! (so called by those who know no better)..”yes sir Mr Bush 1… Man of Stee”l Howard and the “yes Sir Mr Bush 11” Blair.
    Had Gore been elected I believe “911” would never have happened as he was not going to allow Wolfowitz and the rest of the loonies in that group to run the country. That forestalling had to be stopped and thus the voting farrago which cost Gore (who means nothing to me personally)the election and the rest of the world any chance of peace.
    It seems to me that USA and Israel do not want peace but want continuing unrest in the middle east until the pawns are in place and the arabs(ie the non jewish arabs) are under the thumb and the oil contracts are secured. Iraq and Afghan horiffic murderous catastrophes are just tigtening up the perimeter and the access to oil.
    No other conclusion seems to meet their mutual skullduggery and beligerence.
    There are more modern excellent critiques of the invasion but to get to the facts deep down and the desolate corruption of Reagan and Bush Senior and the corrupt CIA at the time who organised the incredibly deceitful treachery towards Carter by organisng the Hostages release ONLY when Reagan was elected. The CIA provided reagna and Bush’s plan with $56 M of cocaine funds from their cocaine business run with their mate Noriega. $52 M went for 52 hostages ..held for months until Reagan was elected..and $4M went to …oh ask Richard Pearl…I believe he knows..
    Have the grass to get a glimpse into the hell hole psychology of US and Israel administrations by reading absolute facts and then doing something to stop it …try reading two extraordinary older books “Profits of War” and “the Blood Dimmed Tide”. Forget the presidency and the whitehouse and the moonies newspaper…read some truth for a change.
    If you snarl at my diagnosis and “lay it on the line” rendition of fact but have some intellect to spare these books might give you a jolt, readers…..Oh and by the way Steve Ritter WAS 100% right on “no” WMD’s.
    Butler the aussie arch-liar (in my opinion) was shown to be that at the end (as I see it) but he was rewarded anyway for his compliance with the governorship of Tasmania (in my opinion).
    So…the “coalition of the willing”….this is the wonderful world of democratic christian freedom and truth? Gimme a break..

  2. March 26, 2003 at 2:38 pm


    I couldn’t agree more. And considering that these journalist have to rely on the military for their own saftely, wondering at what point they are going to loose whatever objectivity they have left?

  3. March 26, 2003 at 12:53 pm

    Leigh Hanlon

    For me, the greater question is why there are so many embedded journalists with coalition forces — and why kids like The Jerusalem Post and Al-Jezeera are included. The whole concept is nuts.

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