April 6, 2006 in London


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In 10 years of living at the same apartment in Chicago, not once did the property management company ring up and say that they were coming over for an inspection of the premises.
However, since I moved into my current flat in Wimbledon, I’ve received not 1 but 2 calls re inspections. Now I understand that with property values being what they are, the landlord wants to make sure that I’m taking care of the property, but I find the inspections which are apparently routine over here, to be annoying and an invasion of my privacy — particularly since the 2nd one, as with the 1st that happened about 6 months ago is being done while I’m at work.
It should be noted that my flat is being managed by the same company, Foxtons, that was recently prominently featured in the BBC expose of shady estate agents. Luckily, I just rented and didn’t purchase an apartment from them. Also in fairness, I actually like the estate agent I dealt with. In fact I’m still in touch with her.

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