October 29, 2007 in Dating, Home & Garden

I’m back

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Hello everyone! Did you miss me? Probably not! But I missed you. Well most of you anyway.
I am posting again as thanks to Sky, I finally have Internet access at home. I could have posted from work these last few weeks, but I have been extremely busy.
So here I am now. Ready to start blogging again. Hopefully on a regular basis but I make no promises. It is difficult at times to resume habits once the routine has been broken.
It is also difficult to drop habits that you know may not be in your best interest.
Case in point, Airport Guy. Remember when I declared that he wasn’t the one for me? Well one would assume that I stopped talking to him. However, I couldn’t quite bring myself to break up with him.
Truth be told, I really liked him. And with things unsettled on the house front, I felt vulnerable and thought he would be able to provide a bit of comfort. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. So I did something I have never done before. I initiated the break up conversation this past Saturday. I felt empowered throughout the whole process. I had written out talking points before hand and this helped me to stay calm and on track with what I was trying to communicate as the reasons for the break-up.
When the call was over, I fell apart. I still like him — a lot!
But I know deep down, at this moment in time, it is the best decision. However, it still hurts like hell. So I spent the weekend crying — getting it all out of my system. Knowing, that what must be, must be. My biological clock may be ticking, but I am not yet ready to compromise on those things that are important to me.
What things exactly? Perhaps I’ll share more on that later. For now, I’m going to try and catch up on some reading!

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