March 30, 2007 in Home & Garden

House Hunting: Week One

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I am feeling a bit stressed. Not surprising since there are things to be discussed with Airport Guy. More importantly, I am feeling really nervous about finding a flat for purchase. I started viewing places last night and I was underwhelmed. They were small and in a less than desirable neighborhood. Now realizing that my budget is somewhat limited, I am willing to compromise but being a single female, only to a degree. So the next few weeks and months should be quite interesting.
So what exactly am I looking for? Well, below is my brief to the agents:

Area: Flexible but need to be relatively “safe” and flat should be close to public transportation and other amenities
Commuting Distance to Office: No more than an hour door to door
Type: Victorian or Georgian but will consider new builds
Bedrooms: At least 2 (ideally both double)
Inside space: Above 700 square feet, preferable with open plan kitchen and living room
Outside space: Not required but if property has garden that would be a nice bonus
Features: hardwood floors, fireplace, built in wardrobes/closets

So is that asking too much? Well apparently it is in London if you have less than a quarter million pound buying power. Goodness! It’s times like these I really wish I had a husband. Going through this alone is really going to test my strength of character.

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