November 11, 2004 in Michigan Wolverines

Hottest for Greeks with Brains

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I went to my share of frat parties at Michigan but I never joined one of them. Truth be told I was more geek than greek. I bring all of this up as Newsweek recently name the University of Michigan the hottest “college” for greeks with brains.

America’s 25 Hot Schools

By Barbara Kantrowitz

Newsweek Kaplan College Guide

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Michigan took the lead in the recent affirmative-action case that went to the Supreme Court, and has been an innovator in multidisciplinary approaches to everything from music to medicine. “A smaller university might excel in one subject but not everything,” says spokesman Julie Peterson. “We give our students everything.” That includes a lively social life. About 15 percent of undergrads go Greek, which students say helps them find a friendlier community within the vast student population (23,000 undergrads). Fraternities and sororities are especially popular with the many out-of-state students, says Mary Beth Seiler, the Greek-life director. “If you’re far away from home and looking to connect, it provides an opportunity,” she says.

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