November 18, 2006 in Family

Home For the Holidays

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The only good thing about having acute bronchitis is that I have lost my appetite. So drinking lots of liquids and the meal of choice is soup. The result is that I’ve lost close to 5lbs in the last two weeks. I know the weight will probably come back once I start eating regularly again, but thinking I might use this as inspiration to jump start my last ditch attempt to loose weight before I go home for the holidays.
No, not to America, but to Montserrat where it will hopefully be hot and sunny! London isn’t that cold – in fact it hasn’t really snowed since I moved here, but the continued dampest has not been good for my health. Thus, I am in desperate need of sunshine and good weather.
Plus, it will be good to see my great Aunt and the rest of the older generation who have no desire to leave Montserrat even after the volcano 10 years ago covered 2/3rd of this 40 square mile island in volcanic ash.
It has been 20+ years since I’ve been back, but they tell me the island known as the Emerald Isle “due to a combination of historical Irish influences and the lush greenness of the landscape” is making a serious comeback, so I’m looking forward to being there away from the hustle and bustle of big city living.

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