March 20, 2003 in Personal

High School Football

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Ok, Ok. I’m sure I’ve turned some of you off with all my posts about the war. I’m making myself sick so I’ll give it a rest. So let me change course for a minute and say that I’ve also been thinking about people from my past. In fact, on Monday night, I spent time looking up friends from High School. For me, this is kind of weird since I really don’t have a lot of fond memories from that era. I wasn’t cool and kids use to pick on me all the time for being such a nerd. That sort of changed my junior year when my trig teacher (Mr. Bower) asked me to become the statistician for the football team. I said no at first but I’m glad he convinced me to do it. I enjoyed running up and down the sideline each game. Plus, I loved having the football players scream my name out. It really was strange to go from having the jocks pick on you, to them now wanting to be your best friend. Reason being is that they wanted to make sure I got their stats right as after the game, I would review with the coach and then call in result to the local newspapers. Those were some interesting times. I wonder where many of those players are today. I wonder what they’ve done with their lives. Hopefully, we’ll have a high school reunion soon. I haven’t seen many of those people since graduation.

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    Sounds like it’s all “adding up”!

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