August 1, 2004 in Dating

He’s Back!!!

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Did you know that we are in the middle of National Orgasm Week? Ok, moving right along. Racquetball Guy has been in town since last Wednesday night so we’ve been spending quite a bit of time together. We went to Noon O Kabab for dinner on Thursday night. Aesthetically the place is not much to look at, but I highly recommend as they have great Persian food. Later we got into our first heated discussion which I won’t really talk about, since we have since worked things out. On Saturday, after getting my hair done I went to a picnic with him and then later fell asleep on Bad Santa. This morning we went to gym. He played Racquetball and I well ran around the indoor track. After that, we went to the CUBS baseball game. I was rooting for Greg Maddux to win his 300th game, but it was not to be. But hey, at least the CUBS won the game. Then after a quick nap and some Chinese takeout, Racquetball Guy started teaching me how to play Chess. Well really he went over the various pieces and showed me how to set up board. Now can’t wait for the next lesson. Hopefully by the time that comes around, I’ll remember what he taught me. Of course, I may want to study up before that next lesson. I know once I figure out the game and we actually start playing against each other, things are going to get intense. So maybe I’ll have to get him to play scrabble with me a few times. I’m not sure I can handle loosing to him all the time. Heck, we played checkers and he beat me three times in a row. It was not pretty but I just let it all go because I was happy that he was here in Chicago and we were spending time together.

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