April 4, 2003 in Entertainment

Head of State/The Core

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I hadn’t really planned on going to the movies tonight, but ended up seeing two movies. Both were horrible. Started off the evening watching Head of State starring Chris Rock. Premise is that the Democratic nominee for President of United States of America gets killed in a plane crash and with only 7 weeks to go before the election, the party chooses to put up Chris’ character who is an Alderman from Washington DC. Yeah! Like that would ever happen. Ok, maybe someday. In any event, for the next 95 minutes, what you get is Chris being Chris and he is not at his best. Much of the slapstick jokes fall flat. Having made one bad movie after another, maybe Chris Rock should just stick to doing comedy. He’s my generations Richard Pryor. He a great comedian but he’s a horrible actor. I know that’s a bit harsh but I’ve yet to see him in a movie that successfully takes advantage of his comedic talents. So feeling cheated, I snuck into another movie. Thought I had chosen theatre showing Phone Booth but ended up watching sci-fiction action movie The Core. Yet another awful movie. Premise of this movie is that the core of the earth stoped spinning and they have three months to come up with a solution before the earth reverts back to the stone ages. It just so happens that a “mad” scientist who lives in the desert has been building a machine that can actually get to the earth’s core without melting to pieces. Once they get there, mission is to detonate a device that will reactivate the core. Whatever! The whole foundation is not even the lease bit believable. If the core of the earth did indeed stop spinning, we’ll all be dead immediately. I could spend more time writing about all the other scientific flaws in this movie, but I won’t. I just end by saying, don’t waste your money on either of these movies.

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  1. April 6, 2003 at 9:07 pm


    Thanks, because I’d been thinking about seeing both. Now I know better!

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