December 4, 2005 in Dating

He Haunts Me

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Last Wednesday came and went and no second date with ITGuy. Instead I went to a private shopping soiree at William Yeoward. I was totally relieved. Then Thursday, he sends a text message asking if I wanted to meet up on Friday. I didn’t respond. Then he sends another text message. I still didn’t answer. Then he phoned. I decided to answer but politely told him I’d call him back.

After some thought, I decided just to send a text message back saying I didn’t want to go out with him again. Gave the somewhat lame excuse that I still had hang ups/unresolved issues from my last relationship. He immediately responded saying he understood and then wished me the best in the future. I immediately felt like crap.

I mean, when I really think about it, there is nothing really wrong with ITGuy. He is single, no children, has a good job, owns his own flat by himself (a real big deal here in London) and from our encounters appears to be a nice guy. More importantly, he was totally into me. But I couldn’t get past the fact that he reminded me of RacquetballGuy and so it was no go. Particularly since I was projecting my anger re RacquetballGuy onto ITGuy. How sad. I’m over him but yet he haunts me.

Hopefully this is a one time occurrence because men aren’t exactly falling from the sky in front of me. However, something tells me that this may be problematic for years to come unless that which was borrowed is returned. Only until then will my trust and faith in men be fully restored. So sad, but true.

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