October 26, 2011 in Dating

Hate v Like v Love

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While RacquetballGuy was here, he read my blog early one morning. He then told me if he had read the last few months before arriving, he never would have stayed with me. As from reading what I’d written, one would get the impression that I hated him.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Now do I love him like I did in the beginning before we had much of the drama? No, it would have taken some time to get back there again. But I certainly didn’t hate him. I liked him and was becoming quite fond of him again.

Either way, if I didn’t like him, would I have?

  • Spent two weekends tiding the garden and cleaning the house from top to bottom.
  • Stocked the fridge with near £100 in groceries which is nearly three times my weekly food budget.
  • Taken a week off from work so I could show him around London properly.
  • Spend a ridiculous amount of money and endure pain to remove hair from places that shall remain unnamed.

Seriously, if I didn’t like him, would I do all that? Now perhaps I wasn’t lovey dovey enough, but as I said to him at the beginning of the week, I needed to take things slow. I wanted to make sure he was in it for the long haul. But no surprise, at the first sign of difficulty, he went inwards and ran.

Perhaps it’s my fault for being so inviting via the phone and our instant messages. I perhaps gave the impression that I didn’t have any reservations. That clearly was incorrect.

Either way, if you loved someone who you hadn’t seen in a few years and knew that they were being cautious, wouldn’t you still give them time? At least the full amount of time you had committed to spending with them? That way, there would be no doubt one way or the other. Hmmmm.

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