March 12, 2004 in Family

Harray Caray Restaurant/Keb Mo Concert

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I am never really sure what to do on the anniversary of my mother’s death. I suppose the traditional thing to do is to go to the burial site and take new flowers, but that is not easily done in that my mother on the Caribbean island of her birth, Monsterrat. Thus, it makes it kind of hard to visit. As such, in the early years, I just mourned in silence. I didn’t really tell too many people around me that March 11th was the anniversary day. Mostly because people don’t really know how to respond and the conversation usually got awkward because when I did tell, they’d want to know all the details….and really, that’s not what I was interested in doing. Now, I kind of just talk to my siblings. It’s been 10 years, but we all feel like it was only yesterday. The memories of what happened are clearer than ever.
Beyond talking to my siblings, I usually sit home and sulk. However, last night, I decided to go out. One of my gal pals had invited me out to a dinner with some people from her work and I thought why not. So I went and had a lovely time dining at Harry Caray’s Restaurant. After dinner we headed over to The House of Blues for Keb Mo Concert. Unlike last year where he only had one guy accompanying him, this year he had a full band. They were awesome. His bluesy sound was exactly what I needed and the lyrics to a few of his songs reminded me of my mother. It was food for my soul and so I’m glad that I went out. Thinking my mother would have approved.

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