July 16, 2003 in Work

Happy Hour @ Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

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Three coworkers handed in their resignation in the last two weeks and so this provided an excuse for us to all go out for drinks last night @ Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. During this soiree, there were things I learnt about some of my coworkers in the middle of what can only be described as a drinking binge that I wish I had never learnt; because once you’ve learnt these things, it’s hard to see them in the same light. I mean really, do I need to know or be thinking about my coworker’s sexual history or current habits? Worse yet, do I really need to know that, more than one coworker casually used drugs? Personally, I would prefer not to know these things. Unfortunately, when you are caught up in the moment of drinking and having a good time, these things slip out and it’s difficult to erase from your memory.
Update: I have the worst hangover. So a lesson to all, just because someone is buying you drinks and shots, does not mean you should drink them. No matter how great the peer pressure.

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  1. July 16, 2003 at 8:45 pm


    Everyone thinks peer pressure ends in high school.
    Far from it. In fact, as an adult, I think it can be even harder to say “Hell no, drink it yourself.” Than it was when we were kids.
    Best of luck with the mental eraser on the coworkers historical blackboard…

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