April 20, 2003 in Friends

Happy Easter

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So I didn’t make it to church today. I woke up late and didn’t feel like waiting in line to get in church with no guarantee that I would get seat in the main sanctuary. Quite annoying for a regular churchgoer like myself to be displaced by people who go to church twice a year. Oh well! So much for me definitely going to church on Easter. I did end up going to dinner at a friend’s house. She’s a Martha Stewart in the making so everything was just fabulous. There I got the chance to meet her future parents-in-law, only they don’t know it yet. Her and her finance got engaged a few months back but they haven’t told his parents yet. Strange. I think they’re waiting until they get the ring. Personally, I couldn’t imagine keeping such a huge thing from my family. Her in-laws seem really nice and so I’m really happy for her. She’s had a rough 18 months. Shortly after moving here from Seattle, she lost her job and she’s been on a roller coaster ride ever since. So I’m really pleased that she found someone wonderful to share her life with. All in all, it was good to spend this “holiday” with friends since my family is scattered across the globe.

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    Happy Easter! Sorry to hear about church, but it sounds like you had a spiritually uplifting day. :-]

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