January 20, 2012 in Family

Happy 92nd Birthday Nenen

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Today is Nenen’s birthday. Now 92, she is still very much young at heart and looking absolutely fabulous! So may God continue to bless her with a great memory and good health so that she can live long into the
foreseeable future. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NENEN! Know that you are much loved by family and friends far and wide!


As I reflect on her life these past nine decades, it hasn’t always been easy for her but she’s been quite resilient over the years. Also, instead of focusing on the disappointments, she pushes forward and focuses on the positive. Nothing really fazes her (notice the lack of wrinkles?). Plus she is so inviting to family, friends — heck even strangers and will give you what she has if she knows you genuinely need it. It’s for these reasons why I aspire to be more like her. She’s a great role model on how to pull yourself up from your bootstraps and take what God has given you and live a rich, full and rewarding life.

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