January 16, 2003 in Iraq War

Gulf War Anniversary

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On January 16th 1991 @ 6:40pm EST, the official annoucement came from BUSH I that America was going to war against Iraq. Below is my journal entry from that day. My thoughts were scattered and I made several short entries over the course of the day. Interestingly enough, I wrote down a quote by both Bush and Hussein.
War has begun! Help us! Help us! Please bring our service men home.
I think of David (my military penpal) often. I hope and pray for his safety.
“The Liberation of Kuwait has begun. We will not fail, we will be successful.” George Bush.
I hope to God you’re right.
I will always remember forever where I was — University of Michigan Career Planning & Placement Center preparing for mock interviews.
Spoke to James as the official annoucement came.
Dan Rather is the best anchorman — forget Walter Cronkite!!!!
“God is with us.” Saddam Huseein
Liberate Lebanon (huh?)
My thoughts are not complete!!!

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