February 11, 2003 in Work

Going Negative

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At some point in every job, you start to go negative — and it is at this point that you start to rethink your career and wonder about your choices. That happened for me today. As much as I’ve tried to stay above the fray and not feed into all the negativity, I just couldn’t resist anymore. This is sad as I’ve only been with my current firm for 6months — I really was hoping it wouldn’t happen so early in my tenure. I suppose I just underestimated the difficulty of my role when I took the position. At my former job, I was use to working for a gorilla in the industry. That didn’t guarantee that your team would win the business, but at least you were invited to the table. Here things are different. I don’t work for one of the “big four” consulting firms. And while I am able to overcome many of the objections to help team get invited to the table, our team don’t seem to be able to convert enough of the opportunities to hard revenue. So everyone is pointing fingers and management is micromanaging the heck out of us. I just want to scream! How much more am I expected to give? Surely not my first born. Having said that, I plan to stick with it. Difficult times like these forces me to grow and become better at what I do. So as much as I want to blame upper management for what is wrong with my firm, I know I could do more to increase our chances for success.

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