February 1, 2004 in Sports

Go Patriots

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Having grown up in Boston, I remember well all those years when the New England Patriots just couldn’t get it together. And oh, how could I forget Super Bowl XX. Ironic that I now live in Chicago who has a sucky team. In any event, those were some sad days. So here’s wishing the the Patriots well in the Super Bowl. Let me also say that it makes me proud to know that a Michigan graduate (Tom Brady) has the chance to lead the team to their 2nd Super Bowl victory in 3 years.
Btw, was supposed to be going to a party, but decided to stay home. I feel a sore throat coming and I really don’t feel like being around people. So while I watch the game/commercials from bed, I’ll also be playing scrabble online. I started playing earlier today and now I’m so addicted it’s not even funny! If nothing else, it’s a great way to hone my skills for the next time I play with friends.
Update 9:40pm: Mega congrats to the Patriots organization. That was a much deserved win!

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