November 25, 2006 in Food & Diet

Giving Thanks

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I felt a bit melancholy on Thanksgiving. I suppose I am missing America and the various festivities at this time of year. Of course, if I am being really honest with myself, I would admit that I would probably feel this way even if I was still living in Chicago. Mainly because after my Mom died in 1994, Thanksgiving and Christmas have never really been the same and this time of year is really hard for me. I often feel lonelier than I do the other months. That said, I do still miss celebrating Thanksgiving.
Here in London, it was business as usual so I went to work. A few co-workers said Happy Thanksgivings which was nice. I also went to St Paul’s Cathedral Thanksgiving Day Service. It has been an annual tradition since the mid 1970s and it is definitely the place for American expats to congregate. There was the American Ambassador Robert Tuttle and various other members of the diplomatic core. In addition, there were American blue bloods, ladies who lunch, middle class worker bees like myself as well as students and tourists who found themselves in London on Thanksgiving. The cathedral was quite packed. More importantly, the hour long service was quite moving and so would recommend to any American who finds themselves in London on Thanksgiving.


  1. November 27, 2006 at 11:29 pm


    Hi Urusula, I’m a Brit but we lived in the US for 4 years, and even I can sympathise… Happy belated Thanksgiving … cool blog btw!

  2. November 27, 2006 at 4:05 pm


    Can TOTALLY sympathize with ya. I miss the turkey, fixings, watching the Macy’s day parade etc. I’m in Italy, married to an Italian, my husband’s family just doesn’t understand. The first year I was here we had a “thanksgiving” dinner. That was the first and last. In the years since, they have totally forgotten the holiday, makes me feel a bit cold, they don’t even call to say “happy thanksgiving”.

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