January 9, 2006 in Work

Get a Life or Get a Coach

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I know quite a few people like myself in their mid-thirties who are currently using or contemplating using a life coach. Apparently, the 20somethings are following suit. Not surprised really. If you are not happy with your life, I think its best to work on making the necessary changes sooner rather than later.

Personally, I’ve found working with my life coach — Sheila Panchal — to be a source of inspiration. Now granted she hasn’t told me anything I couldn’t have read in a book, but its been good to have someone who is completely objective to help me outline and develop my life goals (personally and professionally).

While I could have certainly done this on my own, having her continually offer words of encouragement particularly when I invariantly think about taking a break, or worse yet, give up has been a blessing. Plus she’s been very good at helping me acknowledge that while I haven’t accomplished all I hope to, I have accomplished quite a bit. So instead of thinking my glass is half empty, I need to continually recognize, value and even reward myself for my achievements — no matter how insignificant I might think they be. This was no small task.

So even though I’m still a work in progress, I thank my lucky stars the day I went into my local bookstore and happened upon the book written by my coach: Turning 30: How to Get the Life You Really Want. It has good practical guidelines to help anyone reassess ones life and figuring out what matters most. Plus working with Sheila direct has been most advantageous.

Therefore, if you are in London and thinking about a life coach, I say sent her an inquiry email (no she didn’t ask me to give her a plug). If you are somewhere else, I say get a referral from a friend. As the New York Times article points out, it’s not cheap, so you want to make sure that the person you are working with is credible. If none of your friends knows anyone who is a life coach, check out the International Coach Federation as they have a coach referral service. Either way, get on it fast. This is an investment on your future. Plus life is too short to be unhappy.

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  1. January 11, 2006 at 10:47 pm


    Thanks for tht book suggestion. Since I hit thirty last year, I find myself re-assesing my life and my goals. I’m generally satisfied with my life, but I find myself looking ahead ten or so, thinking about what I can do now to ensure that I’ll have the kind of life I want then and beyond. You’re so right, life is too short to be unhappy. I don’t know if a life coach would fit into those plans, but it’s something that I am considering.
    My 30’s have already been much kinder to me than my 20’s which were wasted at a crap job and barely making ends meet.

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