September 24, 2011 in Dating, Friends

Friendships With Men

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Basherter and I have resumed our friendship. It all began with a phone call a few weeks ago. This was perhaps more for me as most of our communication had been via Skype chat and I wanted to make sure that nothing said was lost in translation. I needed to connect the words with the voice and I wanted him to do likewise.

Since that initial conversation, we have continued to talk but not with the same kind of frequency or intensity as before. And I’m actually ok with that. In many ways, this whole situation has helped me to mature and realise that I can be JUST FRIENDS with A MAN even if we happen to share an intense bond.

Having said that, I should confess thought that having RacquetballGuy in my life has made it all the more easier. Particularly as in less than a month he will be here in London visiting for a glorious 10 days. I so hope that they are indeed splendid and help us to finally take things to the next level as if they are not, it will truly spell the end of our friendship.

The reality is that there is too much history and emotion and there is no halfway point. It’s all or nothing. RacquetballGuy hates when I say this, but that is the reality. I don’t think I’ll ever see him as just a friend. Thus, if we can’t take it to the next level, we both need to completely walk away once and for all.

That said, I’m really optimistic. Of course, I leave it up to destiny as ultimately it will decide our faith in this matter. So stay tuned.

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