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All-Clad LTD Cookware for Me

24 days after ordering a new set of LTD All-Clad cookware via Amazon, they have finally arrived. I can’t wait to start using them. But wondering, why the heck did Amazon take so long? Oh well! Not gonna complain too much. In addition to free shipping and no tax, I’m also getting $50 back via mail-in-rebate! YIPPEE!! This new set of cookware is my Christmas gift to self. I initially spotted these pots at a restaurant supply store last August while on lunch break from that crazy startup I was working at. And though I was on the market to […]

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Nothing Fits Anymore

Today I had my annual physical. Despite the fact that I’m fighting my third cold/flu this season, according to my doctor, everything checks out. I’m just a little run down from all the drama that went on this year. But one issue that needs working on is weight. No surprise there. This is something I have battled since college. It’s so frustrating. Every time I think I have the problem conquered, something happens to throw me off. I suppose I need to start thinking of my weight in terms of my health and not just in terms of my physical […]

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