August 28, 2005 in Health

First Experience With NHS

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I had my first experience with the National Health Service this past yesterday. I called the hotline as I was experiencing minor stomach pains. In that said pains had gotten worse over the last couple of days, I called to talk to one of their nurses. After asking a series of questions she recommended that I take some pain medicine and then get the matter checked out within the next six hours. Since I didn’t have a doctor, I ended up going to a walk-in clinic at . St. George’s Hospital. But not before cleaning the apartment and making sure Choo-Choo had enough food for a few days. The nurse on the phone had me so concerned that I expected the worse. I thought it might be my appendicitis.
However, things were not as bad as expected. Within an hour of being at the walk-in center, I was seen by a nurse. After checking me over and looking at the results of a sample I had provided (yes I know — more information than you need), she pronounced me healthy. I was then sent on my way and adviced me to return if the pain didn’t get any better. I wanted to run across to the emergency room to have a second opinion by one of the resident doctors, but I decided to trust the nurse and just wait it out at home. Now here it is almost 24 hours and I’m feeling better. Still not sure why I had the pain, but glad I had it checked out.
With that said, if anyone reading this lives in the Wimbledon area, wants to make a recommendation re general practioner, that would be greatly appreciated. I know its not absolute that they will accept me but it would help laser point those that might be good candidates.

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