September 23, 2011 in Blogs, Social Media

Facebook: Timeline

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Since I started blogging again, I haven’t really shared any of my posts via Facebook as I wanted to make sure I was seriously committed to blogging again. And so now that I’ve blogged almost everyday for the last 54 days, thinking I should go ahead and start sharing. Particularly as Facebook is launching a new look called Timeline which will essentially allow you to more easily create a visual scrapbook of your life.

So in conjunction with this blog, thinking it will be quite powerful in helping to further document my personal history. Of course, most of the content will still remain on this site because its mine — all mine! As who knows, someday I might want to quick that bitch! In the meantime, I need to ride the wave with a view to increasing my readership. There are now 800 million people on Facebook and based on my Google Analytics, I could do with a few more people loving and stalking adoring me from afar!

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