July 10, 2010 in Dating

Facebook Status

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I said I wasn’t going to dwell on matters related to MrFixIt Guy anymore, but something happened this evening together that makes me question the entire relationship. Here is a chronology of how things developed:
We reconnect via Facebook and rekindle friendship via numerous chats, emails and phone calls. However, as we live in two different cities, we never meet.
22 December: He confesses that he likes me in a romantic sense. I’m somewhat surprised, but then again, not really.
1st May: We reconnected face to face at a BBQ in Birmingham
14th May: He visits me in London
15th May: Professes his undying love for me
After, we talk excessively about the future and make plans to see each other again but due to him being away on business for 10 days this is delayed
5th June: 2nd weekend visit cancelled as he gets sick while on business trip
12th June: I visit him in Leicester
14th June: Conversation regarding goals/values – major doubts arise
19th June: Attempts to sort matters ends in a break up
26th June: 2nd Attempt to reconcile ends in disaster
28th June: He posts pictures of another woman on his Facebook page
9th July: He updates profile to indicate that he is in a relationship with this other woman
10th July: He updates profile to indicate that he’s getting married in 3 weeks to this other woman
Does this last bit make sense to you? It doesn’t me!
So I call to find out what the heck is going on? He laughs it off and my questions go unanswered.
I know deep down I should be thankful as I’ve clearly dogged some sort of bullet, but I can’t help but feel wounded at the realisation that he hadn’t been entirely honest with me. Thanks to Facebook, I knew of her, but he said they were just friends. Yeah right!

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