January 8, 2005 in Work

Everyone Knows My Name

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I had a great time in Florida. My meeting didn’t start until Thursday, so I spend most of Wednesday afternoon/night at Epcot. My friend and I had Mexican food for lunch at San Angel Inn. We then walked around and checked out most of the pavilions which showcased various cultures from all over the world. We particularly liked the performance of the Dragon Legend Acrobats at the China pavilion. After that, we then headed to the rides. My favorite was Test Trak. I also liked Mission Space but would recommend that folks go on this ride long after they’ve eaten. This ride to Mars simulation was so close to being real that as we walked out, we saw quite a few people with barf bags. I myself needed to buy Advil as the ride gave me a bit of a headache. The evening was capped by watching some amazing fireworks.
Thursday was mostly spent indoors at the company meeting. During the meeting the President singled out my efforts for 2004 and that brought a big smile to my face. My smile got even bigger on Friday when one of my company’s largest clients presented and also mentioned my efforts in the presentation. So I’m on cloud nine and now trying to figure out how to maximize the exposure which occurred in front of the entire company.
My only regret for Florida is that we didn’t go to Pleasure Island. We had planned to go on Thursday night but my company had a big dinner followed by open bar and dancing. So few wanted to leave the free booze to spend oodles at Pleasure Island. So maybe next time. I’d been there once before and had an awesome time. So I’ll have to duplicate that fun the next time I’m in Orlando Florida.

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  1. January 9, 2005 at 11:29 am

    Shasta MacNasty

    Congratulations on the recognition! I’m sure you earned at LEAST that. 🙂

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