October 5, 2006 in Dating

Email Banter

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Last week I saw this guy I know in a professional context at a bar in London. We chatted about how things were going with his new job and I informed him that I was going to be promoted this coming week. Then Tuesday this week, I had the following exchange via email.
Him: How is it going. Any news on the marketing job?
Me: As of yesterday, I am now officially UK Marketing Manager. Yeah me!
Him: Congratulations. I am really pleased for you.
Me: Same for you. It seems like things are going quite well. On the personal front, what is the secret to your recent weight loss?
Him: sex
Me: Oh my…
Him: You should try it
Me: There are many ways to respond to this email, but I’m afraid all lead to dangerous territory….
Him: Coward
Me: Hardly
So, is this flirting? I really have no idea. But if it is, it’s inappropriate as he has a girlfriend.

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