July 24, 2010 in Dating


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Fuck! The heart wants, what the heart wants. Oh so annoying. I mean, why else do I continue to dream about MrFixIt Guy? Seriously, I want and need to be SO OVER that situation. He’s not the one. I know that. Hopefully, my new distraction will make these continued dreams go away. What distraction am I speaking of? Well towards the end of all the madness with MrFixIt Guy, on advice of BestGuyFriend and others, i joined eharmony.co.uk.

I’d been thinking about it before I started dating him, but now that the situation was over in such a disasterous manner, I realised that I needed to focus on finding someone that was truly compatible. Eharmony.co.uk seem like the best option out of all the dating sites. And I’ve been a paying member since the end of June.

So far I’ve engaged in email dialogue with a few gentlemen, but every time it got to the stage of talking via the phone, I bolted. Then MrPropertyDeveloper appeared two weeks ago. I almost didn’t response to his request to begin communication, but I thought — what the hell? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Since then, things have progressed and we are now communicating via the phone. In fact, we’ve had two intense conversations. The first lasted 2 hours; the second lasted 5 hours. Based on these talks, he sounds ideal perfect but I’ll reserve judgement until we meet. There is talk of a date sometime this week. So we’ll see. He just might be everything I am truly looking for — he is successful, smart, educated, cultured, honest, sincere, good looking, etc. More importantly, he gets me. He really gets me!

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