January 16, 2003 in Politics

Dubya Is Against Affirmative Action

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Dubya’s administration is filing a brief with the Supreme Court opposing the University of Michigan’s affirmative action plan. Yet he (they) offers no real solution as to how to reform the system. Typical of someone of his stature who used his family name to get in to Yale and Harvard MBA School. Talk about affirmative action really nepotism of the worse kind. And let’s not even talk about his political career. Does anyone really thing that he would have won the Governorship of Texas and now the White House if he wasn’t a Bush? Oh please! I don’t even want to hear!
Btw, Affirmative Action does not equal Quotas.
Affirmative Action has merit. Quotas do not.
Let’s not get them confused.
Finally, here is Michigan’s response.
President Sue Coleman does an excellent job of explaining Michigan’s policy.
If you haven’t figured out yet, I’m a Michigan grad.

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